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The borough of Avondale, Pennsylvania is located in Chester County. In the southeastern portion of Pennsylvania, Avondale is home to about 1,265 people. Avondale has a total area of .5 square miles, and in that area, lies the St. Rocco Church. The St. Rocco Church was the first National Hispanic Parish created by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia, established in 2011. Avondale, Pennsylvania is also the hometown of the journalist Mark Sullivan. In 1874, Mark Sullivan was born on a farm just outside of Avondale and even returned to the borough in his adult life. Before his death in 1952, Mark Sullivan wrote many political commentary articles and was named the “Giant of American Journalism”. He wrote during the progressive era and was quick to call out corruption in the state of Pennsylvania. 

Avondale is a small town, but it is near some fun activities for the whole family. About an hour’s drive away is the Turkey Hill Experience, where you can go walk around and see the history of the Turkey Hill Dairy company (all while enjoying and potentially making your own ice cream). Also near Avondale is the Va La Vineyards. Leave the kids at home and go enjoy a nice glass of wine at this winery. Va La Vineyards has a wide variety of wines and you can either dine-in or take your wine home to enjoy. 

 Speaking of homes, when the weather turns colder, propane can be a great way to warm your house. We can help you with that because residential propane is one of our specialties. The people of Avondale, Pennsylvania can rely on us for all of their propane needs. Our company works with many types of propane in a ton of different settings. We are able to provide our customers with 24/7 customer service and delivery services. We can even provide propane for commercial buildings.  Propane is a good source of power with many different uses. Propane can be used in a ton of ways both in your home and in commercial settings. The people of Avondale can use residential propane to warm their houses, keep the power on in the event of a power outage, or cook a meal. Our company offers our propane for an affordable price that can compete with the other propane companies in Pennsylvania. We love being able to help our customers from the very beginning of their shopping experience, and we’re always willing to help out with any problems the customer may have. Our company cares about our customers, so their happiness with their propane service is incredibly important. Any customer is in good hands with us, and the propane that they need will always be handled and installed with care. With propane services ranging from residential propane to commercial, Avondale, PA can feel comforted by the fact that everyone here at Gastec is ready to help with whatever propane issues they may have.