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Propane Chesterfield, New Jersey

Chesterfield is a township in Burlington County, New Jersey that was settled in 1677 and was one of the first Quaker communities in the Delaware Valley and one of the oldest European settlements in the New World. The township has permanently preserved more than 7,000 acres of farmland through the state and county programs. The land was initially settled by primarily Quaker immigrants coming from England.  Chesterfield Township was originally formed on November 6, 1688. It was named after the 2nd Earl of Chesterfield whose seat of Chesterfield was in Derbyshire, where many of the township's earliest settlers lived. The township was reformed by Royal charter on January 10, 1713 and was incorporated as one of New Jersey's initial 104 townships by the Township Act of 1798 of the New Jersey Legislature on February 21, 1798. The Chesterfield Township Historical Society was founded in 1976 by several township residents who were intent in bringing people together who were interested in the history of Chesterfield Township.  The goals of the Historical Society are to educate, maintain and preserve the history of the Township. Over the years, the Society has been able to acquire, maintain and preserve items native to Chesterfield in order to preserve the Township's charm and history for the benefit and improvement of the community. 

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