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Propane Cookstown, New Jersey

Within the New Hanover Township in Burlington County, New Jersey is the unincorporated community by the name of Cookstown. The Township of New Hanover is located in the eastern portion of Burlington County. Cookstown, the municipal seat of the Township, was named after William Cooke, who operated a grist mill.  The mill was built in 1721, and the village was known by the name of the various owners until Cooke bought the mill in 1776.  His name has remained with the village ever since. While most of Cookstown is located in New Hanover Township, a portion lies in neighboring North Hanover Township.  The north branch of the Crosswick’s Creek, which once furnished power for Cooke’s mill, forms the boundary between the municipalities. Cookstown features several restored historic properties such as the General Godfrey House on Main Street and a renovated one-room school house on Browns Mills-Cookstown Road. The township also enjoys a very nice Community and Senior Center on Browns Mills-Cookstown Road.  Finally, Cookstown Park, located on Hockamick Road, is a beautiful 20-acre active and passive recreational area that offers two baseball fields, a picnic pavilion, tennis and hockey courts, two basketball courts, playground equipment, and a beautiful walking trail that meanders through the woods.

The residents of Cookstown would be able to help maintain and even improve the quality of their environment by choosing propane to power their homes. Propane is a clean source of power that is both safe for the environment and quite useful in many different settings. Here at Gastec, we provide our clients with the propane services that best fit their needs. We specialize in residential propane for at home, and commercial propane for businesses. Residential propane could be anything from taking a hot shower to powering a generator. There are just so many unique ways to use propane. Our propane company is able to take on the larger scale projects with our commercial propane. Keeping the restored school house warm in the winter could be a task for our commercial propane. In the hopes of always keeping our customers happy, we supply them with constant access to our customer service team. We want to make sure that our clients are offered the absolute best services for the most reasonable price. This really helps in keeping our customers happy. With our propane delivery services, Cookstown, New Jersey is not too far from our Pennsylvania based company. Gastec is ready to help with any propane needs our clients may have.