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Home to only 228 residents, Lyons is a small unincorporated community located within the Bernards Township in Somerset County, New Jersey. Bernards Township had a population of 2,622 which included 218 farms. The area consisted of Basking Ridge, Liberty Corner, Lyons, Far Hills, and Bernardsville. When Far Hills withdrew, it took 1/8 of the area of Bernards, with Bernardsville taking 113 of the remaining area and leaving Basking Ridge, Liberty Corner, and Lyons and their environs the Township of Bernards. Lyons Avenue was named for the prolific Lyons family. The Lyonses settled in this humble farming area of unincorporated Essex County in the 1600s. The first Lyon to come here was Henry Lyon, a witness to the execution of Charles I who also served as Newark's first treasurer. There were fourteen Lyons families here in the early 1800s that the area was named for the clan, the Lyons Farms. The little village is remembered for the David Lyon farm which was a large part of the area. Today, the community is the location of the Lyons VA Hospital, which was the first and only VA hospital in the state up until 1952 when another hospital opened in East Orange, New Jersey. 


Even with how small the community of Lyons is, they still require top-notch propane services. Thankfully, the residents and business owners in Lyons are in the reliable hands of Gastec to receive all of their propane needs. There may not be many homes in this community, but the few that there are will be able to use the residential propane services provided by Gastec. These residential propane services include uses such as heating homes, warming water, and running lights. The bigger jobs in the community, like the Lyons VA Hospital that has been built in the community, would still be able to benefit from having Gastec as their main provider. These larger-scale jobs would use the commercial propane services from Gastec. Commercial propane services can include anything from powering a forklift to an entire strip mall. Our customers are our highest priority, so to keep them happy we offer access to our customer service department day and night. Since our propane company is based in Pennsylvania, we extend propane delivery services to all of our customers, whether they are located in Pennsylvania, Delaware, or New Jersey. Here at Gastec, we take pride in our work and will do our best to take on any job, no matter the difficulty or size.