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Propane Mount Holly, New Jersey

Mount Holly is a township and the county seat of Burlington County, New Jersey. The first European settlement in what is now Mount Holly began in 1677, when Walter Reeves acquired land from the Lenape Native Americans living in the area. He constructed a dam on Rancocas Creek to channel water through a raceway to power a grist mill and saw mill. After the mills were established, more settlers were attracted to the area and built houses and commercial buildings on High, Church, White, Mill, and Pine streets, including the Shinn Curtis Log House. By 1800, over 250 dwellings had been built. Today, no mills remain on the raceway, which still flows in its original course from the Rancocas just above the dam. The raceway proved a way for herring to make their way above the dam and was the scene of an annual fish run in the spring which provided fresh herring for salting and eating. The former mill land has been preserved as the Mill Dam Park. It marks the importance of mills to the early settlements. Founded nearly 100 years before the American Revolution, Mount Holly has maintained the charms of classic small-town America, giving it a personality and sense of community that is hard to find these days. It’s become a go-to destination for small businesses, with a thriving Main Street and a supportive network of business owners working together to improve the town. 

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