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Manville, NJ Propane

Manville is a borough located within the heart of the Raritan Valley region in Somerset County, New Jersey. Home to over 10,500 residents, Manville was named after the Johns-Manville Corporation, which maintained a large manufacturing facility in the borough for decades. Historically, many of Manville’s residents are of Slavic, mostly eastern Polish and western Ukrainian descent, with many businesses and restaurants geared towards the Polish American community located along Main Street. Before becoming a separate Municipality, Manville was a portion of Hillsborough Township, which geographically is the largest Township in the County of Somerset and the tenth-largest Municipality in the State of New Jersey. Farmland was carved from the wilderness during the century before the Revolutionary War. Following the War, the quiet farm life that had existed earlier was resumed. Much activity took place in the Manville area due to its strategic location at the confluence of the Millstone and Raritan Rivers. The Johns-Manville Products Corporation, the world’s largest producer of asbestos, decided to locate its plant here due to the advantages of the confluences of the waterways, railroads, and major highways in the area, which would, in 1929, become Manville. With the locating of Johns-Manville, several million dollars of industrial development took place within the span of a few years. In conjunction with the location of the world’s largest asbestos plant in the area, came rapidly residential and commercial development in areas adjacent to the manufacturing facility.

Here at Gastec, we have the residential and commercial propane services that could take care of the residents of Manville whether it be in their homes or at their businesses. No matter the size of the project, we provide the best propane services in New Jersey, for the absolute best prices. Our residential propane is what powers things such as stoves, heaters, and generators. It is something that we have been reliably providing to our clients for years. Both homeowners and business owners can benefit from our incredible propane services while benefitting their community. Propane is an environmentally safe source of power that can be used for a wide variant of tasks. The people living in the community of Manville would also be able to benefit from our quick and effective propane delivery services. Since we are based out of Pennsylvania, we provide these propane delivery services to our clients all across Pennsylvania, Delaware, and of course New Jersey. Having around-the-clock customer service helps in making sure that our clients are always properly taken care of. We want to be able to keep our customers happy so that they will be able to always have access to the best care possible. The residents of Manville will always have the best propane services when choosing Gastec.