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Glendora, NJ Propane

Home to well over 4,000 residents, Glendora is a nice little town within the Gloucester Township of Camden County, New Jersey. The community is friendly, genuinely kind, and quiet. The Township hosts various activities for children throughout the year as well as free Summer night events, an invitation that extends to all of the residents of Glendora. The tight-knit community  is fond of a notable feature in the community, the “Cookie Jar House”. When driving down the roads of the community, people who look closely enough will be able to see the uniquely shaped private residence. The owner, Robert Berman, believes it was built because the original owner “was a woman from Kansas who had it built because her house kept getting whipped around in tornadoes.” The house was thought to be built somewhere between 1949-1964, the true date and history of the home is yet to be discovered. A notable person from the community is Arthur Raymond Randolph, a Senior United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Randolph was born in the Riverside Township and grew up in the Glendora section of Gloucester Township. Randolph attended and graduated from Triton Regional High School in 1961 as part of the school’s very first graduating classes. 

In a town where most people know each other, word travels quickly about the quality of service. The people of Glendora can truly rest a bit easier with the knowledge that they are in the trusted hands of Gastec for their propane needs. We offer the best propane services in Camden County for the best prices. Making sure to give the biggest bang for your buck, we also supply propane delivery services to people throughout New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. We concentrate on both residential and commercial propane services. The residents of homes in Glendora will be able to benefit from the residential propane services from Gastec. Keeping the house warm and cozy during the winter is a residential use of propane. So is powering generators, stoves, hot-water systems, and lights. Don’t forget our commercial clientele like restaurants, farms, landscaping outfits, and more. There isn’t a job that is too hard to handle for Gastec. With all of our different types of clients in the different types of places, we have 24/7 customer service reps with the answers to all of your questions. Glendora cannot go wrong with Gastec as their choice for propane services in New Jersey.