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West Chester, PA Propane

One of the oldest boroughs in Philadelphia, West Chester is a borough in Chester County, Pennsylvania with a population of about 20,029 people and a total area of about 1.85 square miles. West Chester is a mailing address for a lot of the townships located around the borough. The West Chester University of Pennsylvania is located in West Chester, along with the Chester County government. Originally, West Chester was known as Turk’s Head, which was the name of an inn that’s located in the middle of the borough. West Chester also has a historic district, the West Chester Downtown Historic District, which was put on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985. The West Chester Downtown Historic District contains a whopping 3,137 buildings in West Chester including residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings which range from being built in 1789 to the 1930s. These buildings include the U.S. Post Office, Green Tree Building, St. Agnes Church, Biddle Street School, Major Groff Memorial Armory, Horticulture Building, the Denney-Reyburn factory, the Caleb Taylor Store, Federal Ehnes Bakery, Kofke’s Store, and Woolworth. 

West Chester is a borough with a rich history. Gastec is proud to be a part of such a great community as we have been the leading source of propane in West Chester for years. Our team of propane experts have experience helping residential customers with everything from fueling their backup generator to heating their home and pool. A lot of our newer customers are pleasantly surprised by just how much money they can switch by making the switch from electricity to propane. In fact, a lot of our commercial customers started utilizing our propane services in West Chester because of our incredible prices. No matter if you are a long time user of propane or you are looking at the validity of making the switch, our team wants to help you come to the right decision for your unique needs. It’s why we provide customer service, 24 hours a day seven days a week. We also want everyone to know that our propane services in West Chester deliver straight to your door. Reach out today to get one step closer to finding the propane you need for your needs!