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Propane Wrightstown, New Jersey

Wrightstown is a small borough in Burlington County, New Jersey that is home to only 802 people. Wrightstown was incorporated as a borough by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on March 4, 1918, from portions of New Hanover Township and North Hanover Township, based on the results of a referendum held on March 26, 1918. The borough was named for John Wright, an early settler who contributed the land that became the settlement of Wrightstown. Wrightstown's first settler was John Chapman, who emigrated from England in October 1684, with his wife and children and settled on land which was part of the original William Penn Grant. According to legend, they first lived in a "cave" or "sod hut", probably on what is now Penns Park Road. Twin boys were born in their dwelling during the first winter, originating a long life of descendants, among whom was Henry Chapman Mercer. Although the first dwelling no longer exists, there are seven houses in the Township which were the homes of second and third generation Chapmans. William Smith, who arrived the year after the Chapmans, built a log house which still stands on Mud Road. In addition to the Smith house, there are 140 other houses in the Township which are at least 100 years old.

These older homes of Wrightstown are relics that show the history of the community. Their outdated infrastructure will need extra power to keep it warm. Here at Gastec, we provide top notch propane services that will keep the homes of the people in Wrightstown warm during the cold New Jersey winters. We understand that you have options when it comes to the propane company that you choose. Based out of Pennsylvania, our propane company provides around the clock service once people decide to go with us. Day or night, we give our clients access to our customer service support team, as well as our propane delivery services that reach across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Whether is be cooking an egg on the stove, or keeping the heater on during the cold months, our residential propane services will be able to keep the residents of Wrightstown nice and cozy. The limits of Gastec do not stop there. We also are ale to provide propane for the larger-scale projects like restaurants and warehouses. At the end of the day, our top priority here at Gastec is to make our customers happy. Over the years we have become one of the most trustworthy and reputable propane suppliers in the region. No matter the size of the job, we are up for the challenge to deliver our clients the propane services that best fit their needs.