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Propane Thorndale Pennsylvania

Thorndale is a town in Chester County, Pennsylvania with a population of about 3,407 lovely people and a total area of 1.8 square miles, all of it being land. The main street in the community is Route 30 Business. Thorndale is the center of Caln Township, both commercially and administratively.  Thorndale is home to the historical summer home of US President James Buchanan. The summer home now called the Thorndale Craft House has been turned into a golf course and bar/restaurant. Thorndale Craft House still has some of the historic pieces from the original historic house, but now it’s mixed with the atmosphere of a bar with craft beer, good food, karaoke, and live entertainment every Friday and Saturday night. Thorndale, Pennsylvania contains the Thorndale Fire Station and Caln Elementary School as well. 

The next time you and your family are enjoying a nice dinner and beer at the Thorndale Craft house, you’re probably not going to be thinking about what’s keeping your house heated or what you’re going to cook tomorrow’s dinner with. But that’s okay! Gastec is already thinking about those things for you. Residential propane, the type of propane that can do everything from power your furnace to dry your clothes and heat your stovetop, is our specialty. We pride ourselves on offering the people of Thorndale with an energy source that can help them save money without sacrificing their ability to regulate the temperature in their home. In addition to providing propane delivery to any location in Thorndale, our customer service team is also available to assist you 24/7. You will not find a propane company in Pennsylvania that is more committed to your energy needs. We have found that both businesses and residents who make the switch from electricity to propane are able to save money and enjoy the added security of maintaining power during a typical outage. Be sure to contact our team with any questions you have about propane services in Thorndale. We look forward to helping you!