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Bensalem, PA Propane

Bensalem is a community within the Bensalem Township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania that borders the northeast section of Philadelphia. Bensalem Township was established in 1692 and its borders have never changed. Bensalem Township is an area of 22 square miles bounded on three sides by waterways: the Delaware River, the Neshaminy Creek, and the Poquessing Creek. Settled by the Dutch, Swedes, and English, it was a farming community until the 1950s when businesses and industries started to dot the landscape. One of the biggest changes in the township in the 1960s was the construction of Interstate 95 which transformed Street Road from a two-lane country road into a major four-lane highway. From the farms and mansions along the Delaware River, Bensalem has grown into a commercial & residential area. The Township is now home to thousands of people from various locations around the world. Most of the mansions in Bensalem were built between 1700 and 1800.  Only two are open for public events- Andalusia and Pen Ryn. A recent discovery has been found concerning the beautiful 1685 Growden Mansion.  When Joseph Galloway, the husband of Grace Growden, was named as a traitor, the building was sold at sheriff’s sale in 1779. The man who purchased it was General James Wilkinson. Who, according to new information, shows he was also a traitor! This mansion still stands as a monument to Bensalem’s history.

The residents of Bensalem deserve a company that is loyal to quality. Here at Gastec, we provide our clients with some of the best residential and commercial propane services in Pennsylvania. Our residential propane services would be the perfect fit for the mansions that still stand tall and beautiful in Bensalem today. Our propane company also provides top-of-the-line commercial propane services for business owners in the community. Our propane services outshine all the others with our amazing customer service paired with our excellent residential and commercial propane services, all the while being able to stay inexpensive. Our customer service is available to our customers at all times. Also based out of Bucks County, we are right around the corner from the people of Bensalem and can provide them with around-the-clock propane delivery and installation services that outrank all the others. Since propane is considered a clean source of power, it is not harmful to the environment and is safe to have around your family. It almost seems too wonderful to be true, but you better believe that here at Gastec, we always try out hardest to keep our clients like the residents of Bensalem returning customers.