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Plumsteadville, PA Propane

Plumsteadville is a census-designated place within the Plumstead Township, located within Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and home to over 2,600 residents. Plumsteadville was originally known as Harts Tavern. James Hart built the tavern around 1751 after he had bought 400 acres of land in the area. By the beginning of the Revolutionary War, a few houses had also been built in the vicinity of the tavern. After the war, John Rodrock bought the tavern, and the village became known as Plumstead. A post office, one of the earliest in the county, was established with Rodrock as postmaster. There is evidence that the village was known as Rodrocks after 1800. In 1832 a “new post office” was established and was called Fisherville. The village was once again known as Plumstead from 1840 until 1846 when it received its present name of Plumsteadville. At one time, Plumsteadville was known all over the eastern United States and Canada for the excellent vehicles produced at the carriage, sleigh, and wagon works of Aaron Kratz. Today, the area of Plumsteadville is a rather large commercial village. The tavern, now the Plumsteadville Inn, remains the focal point of the village. Plumsteadville contains many commercial uses, as well as about thirty to forty single-family homes and three apartment buildings. Several of the village businesses are located in converted residential dwellings. A small shopping center is presently being planned for the village at the intersection of Route 611 and Stump Road. In addition, a strip shopping development is already in operation just south of Plumsteadville.

The residents of Plumsteadville will never have to worry about keeping their homes warm since they are in the good hands of Gastec. At our company, we can provide propane delivery services for both residential and commercial uses. Examples of ways the residents of Plumsteadville could benefit from propane would be to heat their homes, warm their water, and power their stoves. Just cooking a meal can be run by propane. Fortunately for the residents of Plumsteadville, residential propane is a specialty of ours at Gastec. Don’t think that it ends there because commercial propane is another specialty of ours. Commercial propane services can help many business owners with restaurants, farms, and landscaping outfits. Community and home developers also gain benefits from our propane services here at Gastec. Is your company in need of its propane filling station? Gastec has the know-how and ability to install your filling station, allowing your employees to fill up cylinders as needed while increasing your profit opportunities. We also provide round-the-clock customer service and reasonable prices for complete customer satisfaction. We truly care about our customers and want to provide the best propane services accessible for people throughout Pennsylvania.