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Point Pleasant, PA Propane

Point Pleasant is an unincorporated community within the Tinicum and the Plumstead Townships in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It lies on both sides of Tohickon Creek by the creek’s confluence with the Delaware River. The area was originally settled by the Lenape Indians who fished in the Delaware River. Its proximity to the river led to the development of grist mills. Grain for the soldiers during the Revolutionary War was ground here. In later years, Point Pleasant was a resting spot for canal men along the Delaware Division of the Pennsylvania Canal, and a waystation for the Doylestown-Frenchtown-New York stage. The Bridge in Tinicum Township, Cabin Run Covered Bridge, Frankenfield Covered Bridge, and the Point Pleasant Historic District are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Bridge in Tinicum Township is a historic bridge that spans the Pennsylvania Canal. The Cabin Run Covered Bridge is a historic covered bridge that was built in 1891 and crosses the Cabin Run creek. The Frankenfield Covered Bridge is a wooden covered bridge that spans Tinicum Creek was built in 1872. Point Pleasant is the location of a major water pump installation on the Delaware River, since 1989. This water supplies the Bradshaw Reservoir and Lake Galena Reservoir for Montgomery County and Bucks County drinking water.

Whether eating out or in is their style, the people of Point Pleasant are in good hands with choosing Gastec as their go-to for propane services. Not only are they covered for their residential propane needs like powering stoves for cooking, warming homes for comfort, and running generators for backup, the residents of Point Pleasant are provided top-notch commercial propane services as well. If your company needs a propane filling station, or even something as large scale as a 90,000-gallon propane tank to fit your company’s needs. Other commercial propane services that Gastec provides target restaurants, community, and home developers, landscaping outfits, and farms. With our excellent propane delivery services, we can reach clients across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. The residents of Point Pleasant have access to our round-the-clock customer service representatives ready to answer any questions they may have. Our customers are our number one priority, so we pride ourselves on having no job that is too big or small. We help our customers right from the start, and we are willing to help out with any problems the customer may have. With our reasonable prices and exceptional quality of work, the residents of Point Pleasant will never have to worry about keeping their homes warm in the winter.