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Quakertown, PA Propane

About 50 miles north of Philadelphia is Quakertown, a borough in Bucks County, Pennsylvania that is home to over 9,300 residents. As a crossroad village with a tavern, it soon became a stopover for stagecoaches and commercial traffic between Allentown and Philadelphia. Although it was the core of an extensive community of Welsh and German farmers, the village center remained quite small until the mid-nineteenth century. In 1820, Quakertown contained approximately twelve dwellings. Although the Borough of Quakertown was not “affirmed” until February of 1855, the first Burgess was elected in 1854. At that time, the village contained only sixty-two dwellings. The construction of the North Pennsylvania Railroad in 1855 gave a great impetus to growth in the area. By 1880, the population of Quakertown was nearly 1,800. The combination of the railroad and national economic expansion following the Civil War changed Quakertown from a tiny village to a bustling commercial center. Local industry included the manufacture of cigars, boots, shoes, tools, harnesses, wheel spokes, and stoves. Quakertown generated its electrical power in 1969. Although the power plant was abandoned, Quakertown kept control of the distribution lines within the Borough and began to buy power at a bulk rate and resell it. In addition to maintaining the electric system, Quakertown operates its water and sewer systems. This tradition of enterprise and hard work has been carried on down through the years to present-day Quakertown. It is the charming blend of the past and the present, old traditions and progressive spirit which makes Quakertown a pleasant place to live and work.

The good people of Quakertown do not need to fear the cold winters of Pennsylvania with the support of Gastec. Our propane company offers residential propane services to those living in Quakertown that can heat their homes and water systems as well as power their lights and stoves. Here at Gastec, we provide the best of the best when it comes to residential propane, commercial propane, and customer service. Our customers are our number one priority, so we provide around-the-clock access to customer service representatives to answer any questions that may arise. With no job being too tough to tackle for us here at Gastec, we can offer top-notch services for reasonable prices. Gastec can fulfill the commercial propane needs of Quakertown, as commercial propane is another specialty of ours. Some of these commercial propane services could include a personal propane filling station to fits all your company’s needs. Our propane company also has propane delivery services that allow us to deliver propane to residents throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Thankfully for those in Quakertown, they are right around the corner from our propane company in Bucks County. Quakertown’s residents do not need to worry about the cold months when they have Gastec at their service for any of their propane needs.