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Revere, PA Propane

Revere is an unincorporated community within the Nockamixon Township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Built-in 1740, the historic Revere Tavern was once owned by President James Buchannan. For more than two centuries, this historic landmark has been serving fine food and spirits. Dating back to 1740, this stone building, formerly called the “Sign of the Spread Eagle”, was a “Stage Tavern”. It was one of the better inns along the 62 miles of turnpike stretching from Philadelphia to Lancaster, and catered to the more prosperous class of travelers, providing him with accommodations suited to his means. Fine liquors and fine foods were served in generous portions to satisfy the hearty appetites generated by a long day in a rocking, jolting stagecoach. Almost a century later, in 1841, the Tavern would become the residence of Reverend Edward V. Buchanan and his wife Eliza Foster Buchanan, while the Reverend established and served as pastor of All Saints Episcopal Church in Paradise. Eliza, his wife, was the sister of Stephen Foster, whose immortal songs will always be a part of America. Foster not only penned some of his music here but sent many of his manuscripts to his sister, a talented musician in her own right, for her approval. In 1854, shortly before Edward and Eliza moved to a new pastorate, the building was purchased by Edward’s Brother, James Buchanan, the Fifteenth President of the United States. Through the generations, The Revere Tavern has preserved a tradition of quality in abundance.

There is not a job that Gastec can’t handle when it comes to supplying the community of Revere with the best propane services in the state. Our propane company specializes in both residential propane and commercial propane. Our propane company works with various types of propane in different kinds of settings. There are many different ways that the residents of Revere can use propane. From something as simple as cooking an egg to something as big as powering a large plant, Gastec can take on the job. For years we have been providing propane delivery services from our home base in Bucks County to people throughout the state and even into Delaware and New Jersey. With our 24/7 access to customer service representatives, any and all client questions can be taken care of at any time. The customer’s happiness is what is most important to us here at Gastec. Because of this, we make sure to provide the people of Revere with the best possible propane, for the best possible price, while still maintaining our high quality of business. There is no one better to trust than Gastec with your propane needs. The residents of Revere can truly rely on us here at Gastec to make sure that they are provided with the propane services that fit their needs best.