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Richboro, PA Propane

Home to around 6,500 residents, Richboro is a census-designated place within the Northampton Township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The first settlers of the Northampton Township were English, followed by the Dutch and the French Huguenots. Some of the early Dutch and English pioneers, including the Krewson, Cornell, Corson, Addis, and Bennett families, settled in and near the village. For many years, and even to the present day, Richboro was colloquially known as “The Bear” or “The Black Bear,” so named from its famous tavern and sign. The first inn is said to have been a small log cabin at the intersection of the turnpike and Jacksonville Road. In early times the village was also known as Bennetts and Leedomville. Leedoms, so-called from Richard Leedom, who settled in the village before 1750, kept a store there many years and was influential in community and county affairs. When Richard L. Thomas was appointed first postmaster, May 26, 1830, the name was changed to Richborough, subsequently shortened to Richboro, and so named it is claimed from the postmaster, popularly known as “Rich” Thomas. Even though the landscape looks very different from the start, Richboro has remained a great place to live and call home. Many of the farms have become housing developments and the township is currently the home of many inhabitants who enjoy its free library, senior center, parks, nature center, golf courses, athletic fields, and shopping centers.

The high standards of Gastec match well with the high standards that the residents of Richboro have for their community. During the cold winter months, propane can be an extremely useful source of power to keep your house warm and cozy. Here at Gastec, we specialize in various residential propane services designed to keep your family happy and healthy. From powering stoves and backup generators to heating their homes and water systems, the limits are endless with how we can try to help you here at Gastec. The residents of Richboro are in good hands, as we provide the highest quality of propane services for the lowest possible price. We do this because we truly care about our customers and want them to be happy over anything. To ensure complete customer satisfaction, we provide around-the-clock customer service for any questions or concerns that may come up. To make sure that we can reach the most people, we provide propane delivery services across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Another specialty at our propane company is commercial propane. If your company needs a filling station, Gastec has you covered. If your company needs heavy machinery powered, Gastec also has you covered. There isn’t a job that Gastec can’t handle when it comes to providing the best propane services.