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Richlandtown, PA Propane

Located in the heart of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Richlandtown is a borough with a population of about 1,300 people. When the first post office was established in 1828, the town was named Mattsville for the postmaster, John Matts. Before that, the town had gone through a succession of names, including Three Lanes End, Ducktown, Frogtown, and Flatland. Matts’ father was John Michael Metz, who emigrated to Philadelphia in 1760 as a 10-year-old, joined the Continental Army as a young man, and participated in the Battle of Germantown. Metz, a tanner by trade, eventually moved to Springfield Twp, and subsequently to Richland. Son John was a Colonel in the Bucks County Militia and served for 4 terms in the state assembly. When Christian A. Snyder became postmaster in 1839, the name was changed from Mattsville to Richlandtown. The borough was incorporated in 1890. Members of the Freed family operated various shoe factories, making the area renowned, for a time, as a shoemaking center. Jacob Snyder manufactured flynets for horses, and his product was sold across the U.S. Today, Richlandtown is primarily a residential community that consists of more than 400 homes. Richlandtown is governed by a Mayor and 7-member Borough Council. The borough is home to churches and several businesses, located throughout. There are a variety of community-based organizations including Boy Scout Troop #87, Fun Committee, Richlandtown Fire Company, Richlandtown Historical Society, Richlandtown Lions Club, plus the Parks & Recreation Board. 

Propane will be one less worry for the residents of Richlandtown to have to stress over with the help of our propane company. We are proud of our work and show it by providing the greatest quality of propane services, for the best possible price. Our customer services representatives are available to our clients 24/7 to ensure that our customers stay happy. Complete customer satisfaction is our main goal. To make sure that the most people can benefit from our propane services, we provide propane delivery services to people throughout New Jersey, Delaware, and of course Pennsylvania. With our help, the residents of Richlandtown can use propane to do a variety of things in their homes, like keep the lights on in the event of a power outage or power the stove in their kitchen. These are both examples of our residential propane services, and there are many more. We also specialize in commercial propane services for clients like restaurants, warehouses, or farms. With our tough-to-beat prices and out-of-this-world customer service experience, Gastec is set aside from its competition. The borough of Richlandtown made the right choice with Gastec because it is known for delivering the best propane services.