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Riegelsville, PA Propane

Riegelsville is a small borough in Bucks County, Pennsylvania that is home to around 800 residents. The borough is included in the Philadelphia-Wilmington-Camden Metropolitan Statistical Area, despite being so closely connected to the Lehigh Valley. Benjamin Riegel founded Riegelsville. The original, and now historic, Riegelsville Inn that he built in 1838 still stands. This historic stone inn has offered food and lodging to Bucks County travelers for over 160 years. The community was named for the Riegel family, as early landowners; they established paper mills across the river in New Jersey. With the completion of the Delaware Canal in 1832, the lands along the Delaware River attracted great industrial development. The movement of coal, a major important product of the area, brought capital & investment to Easton. Boats carried coal, stone, iron, crops, and goods from the mills along the 60 miles from Easton to Bristol. Along Canal Street grew one of the largest industrial manufacturing centers of America during the 1830s and 1840s. Easton continued to prosper as a center for industry, manufacturing, commerce, and culture at the Forks of Delaware and along the great rail lines. Between 1904 and 1926, Riegelsville was served by electric passenger and freight trolleys of the Doylestown & Easton Street Railway Company.

A great way for you and your family to improve the quality of the environment and the quality of your family bond is by staying in and using propane to make dinner. Propane is an environmentally friendly source of power that can be used in many different ways in both residential and commercial settings. The people of Riegelsville would benefit from using the propane services we provide here at Gastec since we give the most for the least. With our affordable prices and excellent service, it’s easy to see why most of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware can benefit from our propane services. You and your family are easy to reach as we provide propane delivery services that outshine any other. Now your stove, generators, hot-water systems, and heating systems for homes are covered by us here at Gastec. Propane is such a flexible power source that can be used for so many different things and help out the people in Riegelsville. Since Gastec values the customer’s satisfaction over anything else, we provide access to our amazing customer service representatives who are happy to help answer any of our clients’ questions at any time. The propane services with Gastec are guaranteed to be the best fit for your needs.