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Rushland, PA Propane

Rushland is a town within the northwestern corner of the Wrightstown Township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. originally named for Joseph Sackett who came here in 1730. Called Sackett’s Ford from 1750 to about 1800. Joseph Sackett built a grist mill store and blacksmith shop near Mill Creek where it joined the Neshaminy Creek. Some authorities claim that the name of the hamlet, first Rush Valley and later Rushland was due to the availability of “scouring rushes” used by early settlers for cleaning pots and pans. On December 29, 1883, a post office was established under the name Rush Valley. In 1894 the name was changed to Rushland. Located along Mill Creek near Rushland was a settlement started by Italian immigrants who came to the area as laborers when the railroad was being built in the last decade of the nineteenth century. Their community became known as Little Italy. By forcing its way through a rocky cliff, the railroad opened a major industry for Rushland, the stone quarry, an industry that continues to this day. The New Hope & Ivyland Railroad passes through Rushland on the former Reading New Hope Branch and the old depot still stands today. The Vansant Farmhouse was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977.

Rushland can depend on Gastec to deliver the best propane services right to their homes. With propane delivery services that range across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware we can access many people. Over the years we have accumulated a lot of good reviews and have thus gathered more valued customers. We make sure to provide them with the best residential and commercial propane services. Residential propane can be anything from having a hot shower to grilling hot dogs and hamburgers. The restaurants that you and your family may go to on the nights that cooking is just too much use our commercial propane services here at Gastec. To ensure maximum customer fulfillment, we have representatives at the ready to help our clients with any questions they may have. All of this may sound too good to be true, but it gets even better. Gastec can supply our clients with the finest propane services for incredibly affordable prices. The people of Rushland will be able to keep their lights running with the help of everyone here at Gastec. We genuinely care about our customers, so we will do whatever we have to do to make sure that their propane is handled, installed, and delivered with the absolute best care.