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Solebury, PA Propane

Part of the Solebury Township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania is the unincorporated community by the name of Carversville. The rural village of Carversville was a Lenni–Lenape gathering place which they called Aquetong, or “many springs,” over 300 years ago when William Penn granted tracts to his steward, James Harrison, and to Joseph Pike. The village was first surveyed in 1702 after families had begun arriving on horseback. By 1730 roads had been cut into the forests so settlers could haul out wool and farm produce and bring in lumber that was being rafted down the Delaware River from Upper Pennsylvania. Originally called Indian Village, the town was later named Mill Town, later Milton, and finally in 1833, Carversville. The latter name was borrowed from the postmaster whose last name was Carver. In 1859 the Excelsior Normal Institute was founded on the hill overlooking the Village. The five-story stone building became a well-known school that turned out scholars until it fell on hard times in the late 19th century. Until its demise, students could peer down at the thriving village served by stagecoaches from the railroads at Doylestown and nearby Bull’s Island, N.J., just three miles away. When the teaching ended, the pleasure began as the building became a resort. Its lifespan, too, was short-lived. The final use for the property was as the Carversville Christian Orphanage.

Maintaining the history in the community of Carversville is very important to its residents. Keeping their houses heated during the harsh months of winter is also most likely very important to the people of Carversville. Fortunately for them, Gastec is their main provider for propane and brings with them all different kinds of benefits. Our propane company is able to offer some of the best services, for an equally great price. The satisfaction of our customers is more valuable to us than the extra money we could make if we were to over-charged. The residents of Carversville will be able to keep their house warm, power their stoves to prepare meals, and keep the lights running in case of an emergency, all with the residential propane services from Gastec. Since the city is a weekend destination for many, keeping the commercial buildings like their book and record stores, historical sites, and art galleries running is important for the upkeep of the city. The commercial propane services that we offer at Gastec would be able to take any of these challenges. Our Pennsylvania-based propane company does offer some of the best propane delivery services around. We are able to deliver our propane right to our clients for their ultimate convenience.