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Spinnerstown, PA Propane

Home to around 1,800 residents, Spinnerstown is a census-designated place within the Milford Township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The community was named for the Spinner family which settled in 1753. Spinnerstown is located on Molasses Creek, which drains via the Unami Creek into the Perkiomen Creek. The Spinnerstown Hotel has been serving the public since the Summer of 1811 when David Spinner, Jr. obtained a license to operate a tavern at the crossroads of his family’s property. He ran the tavern until 1819 when he was appointed Justice of the Peace for the community, a position that was previously held by the elder David Spinner, a famous potter, and craftsman whose creations are today prized as examples of early Pennsylvania German folk art. Although David Spinner, Jr. remained the owner of the property, which he simply called “The Inn,” until he died in 1866, he rented the tavern to a succession of innkeepers throughout his lifetime, including his son, Edwin Spinner, who, in 1857 was the first to name the establishment as the “Spinnerstown Hotel.” From its earliest days as a resting place between Philadelphia and New York in the young America Republic, the Spinnerstown Hotel has retained its charm and position as a community mainstay. 

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