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Springtown, PA Propane

Springtown is an unincorporated community within the Springfield Township in the extreme northern part of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Springtown is one of the oldest settlements in Springfield Township. The community was founded by Abraham Funk, buying 300 acres of land in 1763. Funk built a mill in 1782 on Spring Creek. This creek was fed by a spring located west of the village; the spring is probably the source of Springtown’s name. The mill was operated for several generations by the Funk family. From 1886 to 1918 the Funks also published a weekly paper called the Springtown Times. Several residents of Springtown petitioned for a borough charter in 1895. The petition was approved by the jury but, for some reason, Springtown never became incorporated. The post office was established in 1806 and is one of the oldest operating post offices in Upper Bucks County. Springtown is quite large for a village and is probably closer to a small town in size and character. The main street through Springtown is lined with several charming older homes and small businesses. Many interesting and attractive homes are also located to the north of the village. One particularly interesting structure on the main street is a very large and long stone building that appears to be partially vacant. Whatever the building was once used for, it is a good potential candidate for restoration. In addition to the commercial and residential uses, Springfield also contains a fire company, a post office, a social club, and three churches. Many new homes are presently being built around Springtown.

Propane is a great way for the residents of Springtown to keep their homes warm during the winter. Here at Gastec, we provide residential propane services that allow our customers to keep their houses heated, their stoves cooking, and their lights on. Even the backup generator can be powered by propane. Our propane services outshine all the others with our amazing customer service paired with our excellent residential and commercial propane services, all the while being able to stay inexpensive. This keeps our customers happy and more likely to spread the word and keep coming to us for any of their propane needs. Propane is such a resourceful fuel that can be used in so many unique ways. Residential propane isn’t the only thing that we specialize in. We also can provide our clients with the best commercial propane services in the area. Our customer service team is available to our clients 24/7 for anything that they may need. Since keeping our customers happy is our number one goal, we can offer our exceptional propane services for the prices that our clients can afford.