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Propane Zionhill Pennsylvania

Zionhill is an unincorporated community located within the western part of the Springfield Township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The first permanent settlers of Springfield Township were English and Scotch-Irish who moved up the Cooks Creek valley from the Delaware River. German colonists joined this settlement by moving up from Philadelphia to Quakertown and finally to Springfield. Most of the English were land speculators, while most of the Germans were settlers. Thus, it was the Germans who would have the largest influence on the development of the township. The Township Historic Commission has identified and documented various historic sites and has compiled the Township Historic Registry. The lovely village of Zionhill takes its name from the Zion Union Church, which is now the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, originally built around 1840. The first church building was replaced by a brick structure in 1890. The post office was established in Zion Hill in 1871 and is still in operation. The present village is quite large with several dozen houses located along the Old Bethlehem Pike. Most of the houses are older frame structures, although there are also a few stone houses. Many large shade trees enhance the pleasant atmosphere of Zionhill. 


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